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UPSCALE is the first EU project with the specific goal of integrating AI (artificial intelligence) with traditional physics-based Computer Aided Engineering to reduce the development time and increase the performance of electric vehicles (EVs).

Nowadays High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) play a decisive role in vehicle development processes, thus the two most HPC and CAE intensive parts of the development, which are vehicle aero-thermal and vehicle crash performance, have been chosen as use cases for the endeavour.

Through the combined effort of universities, research laboratories, European automotive OEMs, software companies and an AI-SME specialized in machine learning (ML), the UPSCALE, project will provide a unique and effective environment to produce novel AI-based CAE-software solutions to improve the competitiveness of the automotive industry.

Discover with this PPT the key aspects of the UPSCALE project! 

UPSCALE General Overview


When considering HPC usage, approximately 20% is being used in aero-thermal simulations and up to 50% is used in crash simulations.

By improving these two areas there will be a 20% reduction of the vehicle development time.

Enhance the performance of existing CFD and FEM crash test tools and processes using machine learning, thus leveraging the potential of ML/MOR to make primary CAE systems faster and more flexible directly impacting the costs and performance of electric vehicles as they heavily rely on simulation for design.

Implement AI for aerodynamic design, first the consortium will work on body parametrization and then will create and train an aerodynamics Reduced Order Models capable of computing aerodynamic values.

Implement AI for design of crash, which will reduce the simulation run time for a full electric vehicle crash by 30%, including battery packs. The consortium will focus on crash battery modelling by means of ROM.

CAE process acceleration by means of subrogation of time-consuming solver functions by AI trained algorithms.

Assessment of a new crash and aerothermal frameworks for full-scale BEV design.

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The key driver of UPSCALE: combining CAE & AI

UPSCALE is the first EU-project that has the specific goal to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) methods directly into traditional physics-based Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)-software and –methods.

CRF – Key Aspects of Work Package 2: AI based designs for aerodynamics

The CRF team explains in this short interview a few key concepts for the Work Package 2: AI-based designs for aerodynamics.

Model Order Reduction in the UPSCALE project

ENSAM ParisTech answers some questions about Model Order Reduction and its application and implications in the project. Continue reading!

Battery thermal management in the UPSCALE project

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel  explains us some of the keys about battery thermal management and how the consortium is working in this field  to achieve the he objective of developing a reduced-order battery thermal model.

ESI Group – Key Aspects of Work Package 3: AI based design for crash

In this interview, you will be able to discover the main activities and actions to be developed and the challenges and opportunities posed by the UPSCALE project.

UPSCALE at a glance: Interview with the project leader Applus IDIADA

What is the UPSCALE project about? In this interview, the team of Applus+ IDIADA, project coordinator, tell us about the objectives and key aspects of the project.

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Live Webinar – How Virtual Prototyping is Key to Certify EVs – with an embedded Battery

ESI Group,  leader of the Work Package 3: AI-based design for crash, in partnership with engineering, is organizing a live webinar on How Virtual Prototyping is Key to Certify EVs – with an embedded battery.  When? The 10th of June at 2PM ET.

Postponed events and 4th UPSCALE GA held online

The fourth project meeting, initially planned to take place in Wolfsburg, hosted by our project partner Volkswagen AG was held online on the 13th of May 2020 due to COVID-19. The project is moving forward steadily, although some delay in the scheduled tasks may occur due to this exceptional situation.

UPSCALE’s webinar: Machine Learning for Accelerated Aero-Thermal Design in The Age of Electromobility

On Tuesday 10th of March ENGYS, leader of UPSCALE’s work package 1 – Machine Learning Enhanced simulation tools – will be organizing a webinar about aero-thermal design and electromobility.

UPSCALE will participate in a poster session of the von Karman Lecture Series Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics

The UPSCALE project will present a poster at the Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics: Analysis, Modelling, Control and Closures event,

UPSCALE presented at the ESI Forum in Germany 2019

The ESI Forum was held in Berlin (Germany) on 6 & 7 November under the topic “Celebrating 40 years ESI in Germany”, uniting the areas of Virtual Performance, Virtual Manufacturing, Virtual Reality, and System Simulation.

UPSCALE at the EUCAR Annual Conference

The UPSCALE project will be attending the 2019 European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) Reception & Conference at Autoworld in Brussels, Belgium on November 6 and 7,  which this year takes place under the title ” Navigating a new era of mobility”.

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